Time Flies Over Us But Leave Its Shadow Behind


Epical Chamber / Ting Tong Chang / Yen-Cheng Chen / Mark Chung / Hsu Chia-wei / Jolene Mok / Peng Yi-Hsuan / Min-wei Ting 


    Power Station of Art

    16 Dec 2022 - 19 Mar 2023

Moving image in the contemporary art context was born out of cinema, where a series of  images of space arranged successively in time. Since the moving horse images taken by Eadweard Muybridge, it would require the audience recognizing the time in the frame is the same as the time the audience experience themselves in order for the cinematography to work. Moving image as a genre in the contemporary art context is as an expansion of cinema that brought film away from traditional cinemas to sites of galleries and art museums. Artists utilized various means to change the way how the time flows in their works without the limitation of the need to be real. This new freedom grants a new and different approach to observe and present space in art works. Time Files Over Us But Leave Its Shadow Behind is a reflection on the sense of time in virtual spaces of expanded cinema. The show contains various works by Asian artists through moving image that uses time as a medium to show their observation of spaces and places, focusing on various locales around Asia.