Borrowed Scenery

C&G (Clara  Cheung and Cheng Yee Man (Gum)) / Ko Sin Tung / Kong Chun Hei / Vvzela Kook / Sarah Lai / Lai Lon Hin / Ocean Leung

Hong Kong

Cattle Depot No.12

14 Dec 2019 - 12 Jan 20

The artists in the exhibition grew up at a time when the metropolis has already formed. To those who were brought up in the city at the end of the 20th century, their lives and the city itself are inseparable. The conflict in the past few months this year has exposed to the public the myriad contradictions ordinarily hidden within the intricate structure of the city. The technocrats, most of whom are without belief to serve the public good, strengthen their power within the complicated local interests and relations. The government privatise public services a-la-neoliberalism mode and turn them into the private properties of the affluent, which in turn became various hegemonies. At the same time, the public is unable to check and balance government power through a comprehensive regulation system. The top officials stopped listening to the needs of the people and thus became autocratic. The discontent built up over a long period finally exploded into a volatile situation for the city and its systems.