A Tree Fell in The Forest, And No One’s There

Chan Ka Kiu / Oscar Chan Yik Long / Cheng Tingting / Chi Po-Hao / Mark Chung / He Yida / Lau Wai / Sudhee Liao Yuemin / Lin Aojie / Andrew Luk / Remy Siu / Nicole Wong


Power Station of Art

2 Nov 2018 - 24 Feb 2019

Phenomenalist philosophers have attempted to differentiate an observed reality through our senses from an unobservable actual reality; they proposed that the world is merely the sum of perceptions available to us, instead of the totality of the material noumenon. The underlying philosophical conundrum of the title raises a question: that without a present audience, would there be sound from a tree having fallen in the forest? Thus, separating the manifestation of the thing-in-itself and the human experience.